Amalfi Vacations
Welcome to Amalfi Vacations.  We have
taken a small part of Italy that is enriched
with culture, history and beauty to provide a
vacation that you will never forget.  

Our tour is essentially based on providing
you with a unique way to travel the Amalfi
Coast.  We provide you with American and
English guides as well as local Italian guides
that are knowledgeable about the area.  You
will be immersed in the culture of this
beautiful and romantic region, have fun,
relax and make friends all at the same time.

You will explore and experience the world
famous Amalfi Coast and see it from two
different prospectives, from land and from
the sea; while the land route will put you in
touch with the people and the culture of
each town, the sea route will focus on the
beautiful landscape.  You will see each town
expand from their center which is typically
somewhere on top of the beautiful coastline
mountains and drape down to beautiful
beaches and fishing villages all over the
coastline.  You will see lit up restaurants and
hotels which have provided service for the
royalty, celebrities, writers and artists of all
walks of life.  

We will take you to hidden grotto's, hidden
beaches and places that only the natives
know.  You will immerse and swim in some of
the most beautiful waters of the
Mediterranean, where the water is a deep
blue color yet clear enough to see many feet
below.  The reflection of the sun will make
the water glow like you've never seen

We at Amalfi Vacations want to share with
you the beauty of our region because we
are locals.  Our tours are customized to this
wonderful small region which sees sun 320
days a year and will take you places where
no other tour company will take you.
Our groups are small and you will be made to feel special, you
will feel like you have a personal guide.  You will not wait on
lines or take the long bus rides.  You will taste traditional foods
and truly experience restaurants that cater to the expectations
of its local residents.  

In the evening you will experience local night life.  You will enjoy
dancing, sitting at outside cafés enjoying an espresso, or a
cocktail of you choice.  You will taste our delicious desserts.  
You will participate in many feasts dedicated to the patron
saints, or just take a walk along the beach surrounded by
shops with just about anything you are looking for.

You will visit the world famous towns of Amalfi, Positano, Capri,
Ravello, Praiano and many others.  So come with us, relax,
have some limoncello and discover the beauty withing the
beauty.  Discover a new Italy, discover the Amalfi Coast.
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