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Amalfi Vacations LLC has been in business since 2006.  
The owner of Amalfi Vacations, Faith Manna born and raised in
New Jersey and created her tour company shortly after
graduating from New York University with her Bachelor of
Science degree in Culture and Communications.  She also
studied in Florence and has traveled throughout Europe and
Italy her whole life with a love for the tourism industry.  It brings
her great pleasure to be in her fathers home country and show
the Amalfi Coast’s true beauty to her clients with her unique
boat tour. No other tour company on the Amalfi Coast provides
the convenience of knowing the American culture as well as the
Italian. When you tour with her you will truly see the inner
beauty of the coast. You will mingle with the locals and you will
see sights that no other tour company will take you to. Faith
has designed Amalfi Vacations to provide individual attention to
each traveler, her groups are small and each visitor
experiences a unique feeling of having a personal guide with
them at all times.

“ My goal is to have each traveler experience the beauty
that I have personally fallen in love with here on the
Amalfi Coast.  I want them to return home and tell others
about what they have seen and experienced on my tour.
There are many larger tour companies out there that
provide vacations on the Amalfi Coast.  They take
tourists to one or two towns and possibly drive on the
coast, but only on my tour you will experience the real
Amalfi Coast; that is see all the towns including the small
fishing villages, taste real Italian food, see the coastline,
the beautiful blue water, enjoy the hidden beaches and  
most importantly they will not be seen from a window of
a bus, but on luxurious  private boats.”

                         Faith Manna
About Amalfi Vacations
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