Testimonials from 2016
Private Tour to Capri
Second consecutive year back with Amalfi Vacations
Faith, it's been two months since our trip with you on the Amalfi coast, but we are still talking about it. We felt so special, like we were visiting an old friend, who was excited to
show us all her secret beautiful places. Your personal stories, like the Italian mom who wouldn't let you marry her son until you learned to cook, all your relatives who owned
the boats and taxis, and your sense of humor and fun, magnified the enjoyment for us. We found ourselves feeling sorry for the big bus loads of tourists lumbering along the
road, as we splashed along in your little boats or hiked on that unbelievable "trail of the gods"! I must admit we were a tad apprehensive in the beginning, about mailing an
individual, a check for full payment, but we came to appreciate your old school finances. There was something very personal about your taking us out to dinner and paying for
us. Even though we knew we had paid for this months earlier, it FELT like we were being constantly treated by a friend who insisted on taking care of everything! Something
else... we loved loved loved the hotel. We never could have found the hotel on our own. We had the perfect mix of guiding and on our own time. And even though we had set
up a challenging schedule to get home, the early morning drive along the coast road to Napoli in 30 minutes was unforgettably exciting! The bottom line...is that you set the
tone for my daughter and I to have the special bonding experience we had hoped to have! Thank you! Jeff Snoyer (Dallas, TX)
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